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CDR Review Writing in Australia

The main objective of writing a CDR is to submit a document to the EA whilst applying for an Australian visa under the skilled immigration process. CDR is Competency Demonstration Report which showcases just how fit an individual is for a certain job. In the professional area of engineering CDR is a very popular way by which attainment of an Australian visa is eased up.

After commencement of CPD list, next step is devising all the career episodes in an effective mannner such that every part of it displays the qualities required for a certain job.Proofreading and editing is also done by an individual which ensures there are no errors in the written CDR. But safeguarding all of these aspects doesn’t necessarily means that the CDR is perfect and visa is guaranteed.

How can CDR Review Writing Service in Australia help me?

The authority set in Australia that reviews and collects all the submitted CDR is the Engineers Australia. If a CDR has been written with every aspect and small details set by the standard guidelines of the EA then proposal for the attainment of visa is eased up. EA has lot of areas where it takes its time to analyze the CDR, if all the necessary qualities are not displayed and explained by an individual which suit him best for the profession he has applied for, the EA might reject it. If an engineer has applied for a job regarding professional engineering and his CDR has no worthy mention of his capabilities in real world scenarios then the application might get rejected. Sometimes the profession an engineer has applied for is not given because a lesser amount of details are mentioned, the EA might feel that the person has less experiences and capability. So a lower job might be given despite having all the academic accolades.

Some of the main reasons why CDR gets rejected include:

  • Technical details should be mentioned in such a way that those details should not mask the capabilities that an individual wants to show
  • Point wise writing is an effective way to devise a CDR because it decreases the chances of errors and reviewing the document is easier
  • Inducting someone else’s work experiences and using them as your own is also a red flag
  • A project that is done by an individual should be mentioned in the career episodes but describing all of those qualities again and again by use of the same project shows lack of experience.
  • If a project is done by a group of individuals and the person who is mentioning the project couldn’t show his positive participation in the group project is also something that the EA looks for as a barrier to grant the visa
  • CDR should be written in the English standard set by the EA. Other languages can be used but the Australian English is preferred other languages because it eases up the process of getting visa for Australia
  • Problem solving skills is the one thing that is preferred in every profession because it shows just how inventive an individual as an engineer can be to use his practical knowledge to solve problems that arises in an organization.

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How would you review my CDR?

We have a list of all the guidelines that are devised by the EA which should be kept in mind while writing a CDR. All the career episodes should be written grammatically correct, English should be set according to Australian standards and the qualities that are designated to a job by the EA must be written clearly in the career episodes and referenced in the summary statement. Best communication skills and qualities must be portrayed by an engineer while writing the CDR. All of this is safeguarded by us because we have professional writers and experts who have helped countless engineer for securing a visa with the help of well written and perfectly detailed CDR.

Here are some of the CDR review cases we have handled:

  • "I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than 5 years of experience as a Sr. Product Engineer. I applied as a Professional Engineer to the EA. Now, I have received comments from them which state that “you are lacking to carry the professional engineering wide-ranging responsibilities…Based on your career episodes’ summary, the best qualification outcome is the Mechanical Engineering Associate."

    In this case, our client was worried because Engineering Associate was not on SOL list and he was worried that he might not be eligible for Visa 189. We reviewed his CDR and assisted him in writing his career episodes according to the Mechanical Engineer job description – and helped him clear the CDR assessment successfully.

  • "I am a Civil Engineer with about four years of experience. I applied for CDR assessment on a fast-track basis. My assessor replied, “It is obvious that you have a top-surface understanding of surface understanding of civil engineering and other scientific principles, ability to do technical analysis, proficiency in application of technical skills, and have contributed to advancement of civil engineering technologies. However, you lack evidences which suggest that you can manage risk, gather knowledge from multiple sources to develop solutions to complex problems, and integrate technical and non-technical considerations in a project. All these are required to perform a Professional Engineering role. The most critical element lacking in your CDR report is that you failed to present a detailed methodology of simulations and analysis and proper understanding of PE assignment sequence as well as duration, development and design frequency of your project. Hence, the best qualification outcome offered to you is Civil Engineering Technologist (ANZCO 233914)."

    The client was not sure whether he should accept the CDR outcome as ‘Engineering Technologist’ or try to get the ‘Professional Engineer’ rating. While our client would have got him the Skilled Migration Visa but there are certain government jobs asking for ‘Professional Engineers’ in Australia he would not have been eligible to apply for. Moreover, as an ET, he would not have been able to register as a member of Engineers Australia which might pose certain limitations later. So, we helped him draft a better CDR and get PE outcome.