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Career Episode Writing in Australia

CDR is devised with a purpose to apply for skilled migration process for an Australian visa where engineers showcase their communication skills along with writing competency. Career episode for CDR writing is a must factor which should be written phenomenally . The EA judges an engineer and his skills through the career episodes written for the CDR submission.

The EA has clearly stated about the four categories of occupation that come under the field of engineering or its practical application which are; Engineering Technologists, Engineering Managers; Engineering Associates and Professional Engineers. Career episodes serve a greater purpose than just being a part of CDR writing, it showcases the EA wether an engineer is fit for the type of occupational category he has applied for. So all the necessary qualities and contributing factors must be written and displayed similar to that of a tunnel vision. Everything must be clear and crisp in the career episodes where all the qualities are displayed by an engineer which makes him fit for the job in the eyes of the EA.

Guidelines to follow while writing the three career episodes for the CDR

There are three career episodes to be written in a CDR where all the necessary qualities for the occupation must be portrayed in a crisp and effective manner. Those three career episodes are:
  • Continuous Professional Development
    It showcases an individual’s interest in keeping up with the recent advancements in his professional field and constructive constant efforts to be up to date with the curriculum while an individual carries on his engineering tenure.
  • Three Career Episodes
    The phase of an engineering disciple is displayed where the constant growth of the disciple is portrayed from the start to where he is now in the field of engineering. This has to be done by an individual in the form of essays that are typically extended to a word limit of thousand to two thousand words written in the active form of speech. Everything must be stated as I researched, I checked and I contributed which is the first person format of writing. These essays must be from different timelines of an individual’s journey as an engineer where constructive growth is shown.
  • Summary Statement
    There are certain elements and qualities that a person should posses in the eyes of the EA which gives out an Australian visa through skilled immigration process. Summary statement as the name itself suggests is written in a very technical format where the central interest of the EA is to look for paragraphs written in the career episodes that relate to the qualities that an individual must have in order to achieve the job he has filled in for. It is the most important aspect of the CDR and the first thing that the EA reviews so it should be written phenomenally.

Topics for Career Episodes Writing

There are three career episodes to be written in a CDR where all the necessary qualities for the occupation must be portrayed in a crisp and effective manner. Those three career episodes are:
  • Projects that are taken by an engineer are his projects given at his college, workshops, technical festivals and regular curriculum.
  • Project can be the one which is currently being worked on by the individual or done at the very start of engineering tenure.
  • The role that was played by an engineer in his company or workplace where he has contributed to the betterment of the workplace while showing off all the necessary qualities.
  • Any innovative idea that is being worked upon or already done by an individual.

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Things to look for while writing the career episodes

There are three career episodes to be written in a CDR where all the necessary qualities for the occupation must be portrayed in a crisp and effective manner. Those three career episodes are:
  • There is a list of dignified qualities to be displayed by an engineer during his time at the college or the workplace where an engineer has contributed to the betterment and target achieving strategies. To have brief information and a sound knowledge about the list is the best way to incorporate all of those listed qualities in the career episodes.
  • Main objective of writing career episode is to ensure that the qualities set by the EA for a specific job are displayed clearly by the engineer. There is a word limit set for each essays to be included in the CE which is between 1000 to 2500 words. It should be written in a crisp manner so that a positive impression is set before the EA.
  • Engineering knowledge is possesd by every other enengineer who has enrolled in the stream of engineering as his professional study. The difference that comes up while tabulating the skills of two engineers as to decide the better one is the use of that knowledge in real world scenarios. While writing the career episodes the one thing to be kept in mind is to display all the professional competencies in first person reference. I did, I delivered, I achieved and I devised are much appreciated format in the terms decided by the EA.
  • When writing the career episode problem solving skills should be displayed efficiently rather than the actual calculations and tabulations involved in the process. Making the career episode readable and enlisting all the problem solving skills of an individual should be promoted rather than jargons and graphs.
  • Four sections to be written in the career episodes are; Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and Summary. The word limit designated to these four sections are 100 words for introduction. 200 to 500 words for background, 500 to 1000 words for personal engineering activity and 200 words for summary. All of these sections must be written effectively and in a manner that all the qualities are displayed efficiently.
  • While writing the career episodes, the central focus of commitment and problem tackling strength of an individual must be highlighted in a workplace. If a target is set by a workplace and an individual has achieved it with his team then focus of problem solving quality displayed must be focused on the individual rather than the team.
  • Too much technical knowledge in the career episode can be bad, because when focusing on the technical aspect of the problem we leave behind a lot of significant details. There are certain things to include in career episode where using jargons divert the interest of assesor from qualities of the individual to the technical aspect of career episode. So a sweet balance between the technical aspect and quality display must be kept.